Probate is the act of proving that a “Will” is valid and lawfully executed and the process of administering an estate. In California, probate estates are legal proceedings supervised by the Superior Court, generally in the county where the decedent resided. The process includes the inventory of assets, the payment of debts, taxes and administration expenses and the distribution of the estate. Complex estate issues can arise, in large and small estates, when estate plans are incomplete or ineffectively drafted or amended, when Trusts are unfunded, under funded or assets such as business interests or out of state property are omitted and when plans are not reviewed and updated after changes in laws and circumstances such as deaths, births, adoptions or divorce. Efficient administration requires the intimate knowledge of procedural requirements, the California Probate Code and county, local and individual courtroom rules which the Law Offices of Richard B. Macgurn provides its clients. Our office assists with all probate matters, large and small, and specializes in complex and mishandled cases and in closing estates quickly and efficiently with maximum benefit to heirs.